The Road To Educational and Personal Development
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The idea of children continually learning and developing through play- based experiences is highly recognized as a fundamental at Core Learning Center. All
classroom experiences involve children in their own unique learning development.

Parents, teachers, and the environment are three essentials in a child’s life. We instill the importance of extending the child’s growth development beyond the classroom. Core Learning Center is the primary source for child’s academic source, but the support of parents and others outside the school is necessary in helping to reach a child’s full potential.

Teachers co-function with both the child and parents in order to offer the quality learning a child needs. They provide daily activities by following a curriculum that guides them to the child’s individual interest. Teachers obtain this information by observing the child’s skill’s, needs, and interests. Asking open-ended questions is another way children can explore their surroundings and a way of opening their minds.

A creative and meaningful environment is a fundament we believe in. Children can grasp the world around them through their environment, which allows them to find the endless experiences and relationships inside and outside of the classroom. As a child’s “Third Teacher”, the environment we provide allows children to be independent in their learning. Our classrooms provide play areas where children can lean towards their interests. Open spaces allows for small groups to form for activities. The “Creative Studio” (Art Room) allows a child to find their inner creativity. Overall, our environment assists children to interact with each other and create the important skills needed to become successfully independent.

At Core Learning Center we not only prepare children for the next phase in life, but we prepare them for life. We strongly believe that the way a child experiences their early years, is what shapes them as grown individuals. As a school, we heartily believe in planting the foundation of respect, trust, exploration and discovery, based on the child’s interest and self-guided curriculum.

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