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Facility Spaces

“My Room”

Each classroom is designed developmentally appropriate for each age group. With its welcoming colors and open spaces, children can explore and excel in their unique interests.


“Watch Me Play”

Our natural playground is an open area ready to be explored by the children of Core Learning Center. In this space, children can expand their imagination and play according to their interest. Along with a music wall, children will have the opportunity to flourish in the butterfly garden area. Children will be able to slide, run, climb and jump freely.


“Little Picasso’s”

Children will be able to unfold their inner creativity in what we like to call the Creative Studio. This space is designed to offer each child an opportunity to create and explore. With the appropriate materials given, each child will be able to create unique art work.



“Me & the Rhythm”

Through music, children take an inner experience and are able express through movement. The Music and Movement room is designed solely for children to move in an open space with music and use their motor skills. Children learn about themselves and others by playing music together and by listening to each other. In this area, children can be themselves, explore and develop their own movements regardless their age.


“Growing Together”

The natural world offers endless discoveries. With the gardening experience, children will create a respect for our planet and be enlightened with the natural world around them. They will engage in monthly gardening activities that include planting seeds, the observation of plant growth and harvests.

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