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The Creative Curriculum’s foundation is based off the findings of six main theorists. Through their views on children, the curriculum is constructed as a guideline for how we as a center can be united to provide the best possible care. T. Berry Brazelton and Abraham Maslow believed that children need their basic needs met, which include safety, belonging and esteem. Erik Erikson and Stanley Greenspan focused on the necessity of having supporting, trusting relationships with adults, which increases social, emotional development. Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky discussed how interactions with others are crucial in cognitive development. As a center, we use these principles to help make decisions about the care and education of the children. The teachers use their knowledge of child development, the knowledge of children’s individual needs, strengths and interests, and the knowledge of the social and cultural context within each child. By using these theorists’ beliefs, we have a solid base to begin when planning for your child.


The Creative Curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four main categories of interest: social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language.

Social/emotional stage:

  • Promotes independence, self-confidence, and self-control
  • Children learn how to make friends
  • They engage into group interactions
  • How to follow rules

Physical stage:

  • Increases children’s large and small motor skills

Cognitive stage:

  • Develops thinking skills
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Think critically

Language Stage:

  • Learn to communicate with others
  • Listen and participate in conversations
  • Recognizes various forms of print
  • Begin to recognize letters and words


  • The teacher is crucial to your child’s learning. The teacher is the person who sees your child daily, plans activities to promote your child’s individual skill, and helps bridge the gap between what they can do alone and what they need assistance with. At Core Learning Center, teachers strive to provide the following:
  • Many and varied experiences for children
  • Allow children time to practice new skills
  • Develop positive relationships with each child
  • Create a safe environment where children can explore confidently and learn
  • Provide many rich language experiences throughout the day by describing what is happening and ask open-ended questions
  • Singing and read


Living in a diverse community, it is very important to provide the younger generation the skills to engage with other cultures. We live in an economy that is constantly growing and emerging with at least one other language. Providing the dual language program is absolutely essential. Core Learning Center offers a language program with English and Spanish spoken in the classrooms. Our staff will speak English and Spanish through out the day through songs, art, story time, outdoor play and developmentally appropriate activities.


Afterschool Enrichment Programs will be offered to the children of Core Learning Center. This provides children to engage in activities that interests them. The classes will be offered according to parent demand and enrollment.

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